Electricians and electrical apprentices employed by Greater Essex Electrical 2016 Inc. in Windsor are joining Construction Workers Union, CLAC Local 53. 

The workers recently voted unanimously to accept their first collective agreement, which the union says provides journeypersons with secured wage rates and annual increases.

The union says the contract also provides direction for healthcare benefits, retirement contributions through the CLAC Pension Plan, fair compensation for travel time, safety footwear and tool allowances, and access to the full schedule of health and safety courses provided through CLAC Training.

“Negotiations took a while to get things right,” said Roger Grootenboer, Local 53 representative, in a news release. “There were a few points of difference across the table, but more importantly in this case, management and the union found a way to work them out. I am pleased to be able to provide these new members with the benefits of a first collective agreement.”