There's a new grassroots group that supports the location of the proposed mega hospital in Windsor-Essex.

The group is called "42 Forward – Our New Hospital" and members claim they are the silent majority that supports the new hospital location at County Road 42 and the 9th Concession near the Windsor airport.

That is in contrast to the group CAMPP, the Citizens for an Accountable Mega Hospital Planning Process, which is appealing the city's zoning of the land for the new acute care facility.

CAMPP has argued against the location for the new hospital as a spot that would encourage urban sprawl and is advocating for the new hospital to be located closer to the core.

But the chair of 42 Forward, Brian Stocks, believes supporters outnumber those opposed to the project by a margin of 10-1.

"We think that the vast majority of people in Windsor-Essex County are in favour of the location on County Road 42, but they're being too quiet," says Stocks. "This hospital is something we'll all need. It's going to benefit all of us, let's just get on with the process."

That process involves a hearing at the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal, which will begin Oct. 8.

The group 42 Forward has organized a meeting for Oct. 3 to gather support for the location.

"We want to rally the troops around the cause here," says Stocks. "Make our voices heard at Queen's Park and the Minister of Health that an overwhelming majority of people in Windsor and Essex County support the County Road 42 location."

The event will feature keynote speakers including a former city administrator, current hospital patients and medical professionals.

It will take place at the Signature Tribute Events Centre on Dougall Avenue.