An Essex councillor is calling on residents to take responsibility for grass clippings left on roads.

Coun. Sherry Bondy says the issue comes up every summer and with an excess of lawn clippings in wet weather, she's hearing about it more and more.

"When you are cutting the grass, just don't put it on the road. It's very dangerous for cyclists, motorcyclists,” she says.

“If the road is covered in grass you don't know what you are going over. It could be pot holes. It can also be wet and slippery and in terms of our infrastructure, it's not good for our municipal drains. It clogs up our drains and nobody wants that either."

The issue has been raised at previous council meetings, and Bondy intends to continue to push for action.

Bondy tells AM800 News she wants council to take disciplinary action for violators.

Bondy has already had some conversations with administration on the issue.

"I believe we've brought it up enough to administration that it's on their radar too. We're just trying to see what we can do. It's definitely not a lost issue."