WINDSOR, ONT. -- Patients who had their surgical procedures at Windsor Regional Hospital delayed during the pandemic are asked to be patient.

The hospital’s chief of staff says a committee has been looking at resuming surgeries.

Dr. Wassim Saad says it'll be a slow and steady start-up, with the possibility of ramping down again should there be a surge in COVID-19 cases.

“They don't need to call us," he said in a WRH video. "Like what we did with the ramping down, we will call them when it’s time for their surgery to go ahead.”

Saad adds his colleagues are taking a coordinated approach not only from within the two campuses, but with other health institutions like Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare, which provides rehabilitative care.

Saad says all the patients on the waiting list can expect a call, but each individual case will be different, “It could take a year. it could be a year and half. It could be six months.

For some of the priority surgeries it could happen in a matter of weeks.”

Saad says the approach his team adopts will need to ensure the safety of patients and staff.