WINDSOR -- It only took one day for a Catholic Central student to put his CPR training to good use and ultimately save his father’s life.

There’s a renewed call from Essex-Windsor EMS for residents to get their CPR training has prompted CPR to be offered even in schools.

Turki Ayash, 17, and his family came to Canada as a Syrian refugees three years ago.

Ayash took CPR training in November as part of the school's Phys Ed class, never imagining he would ever have to use it.

The very next day he was able to save the life of his 49-year old father.

“Really thankful,” says Ayash. “This school literally saved my life saved my dad's life so I'm really glad to learn this class and I will also start to learn it better to help other people.”

The Grade 11 student was celebrated Wednesday by Essex-Windsor EMS receiving a certificate and a service coin.