A Lakeshore man says his faith in humanity has been restored, thanks to a pair of good Samaritans who saved him from a burning car.

On Friday CTV News told you about a young man who was trying to find his father's rescuer after a fatal accident on Highway 3 last week.

As it turns out, the Lakeshore man was saved by a group of people, including two brothers - Aaron and Cornelius Wiebe.

Nahim Ibrahim, 45, says he only had time to hit the brakes last Wednesday when police say a grey car crossed into his lane on Highway 3 near Leamington.

“They shot across the highway and I T-boned them,” says Ibrahim.

Ibrahim says he doesn’t remember the collision.

“I don't remember the airbags," he says. "I woke up, I looked at the front of my car and saw white smoke and I thought, okay, ‘What’s the big deal?’”

The big deal was his car was on fire.  

The Wiebe brothers didn't hesitate when they saw the wreckage. 

“I saw the cars in the ditch,” says Cornelius Wiebe. “He was yelling "get me out! get me out!"

Ibrahim says he felt somebody grab him under his arms, and then he passed out again.

“We got him out, it took a couple of minutes, and then we just heard a boom and we looked back and his car was totally in flames,” says Aaron Wiebe.

Not much was left of Ibrahim's car, but he's alive.

“It’s most likely how I broke my heel, because I was on the brake, my foot took the impact,” says Ibrahim.

Ibrahim's heel is broken in seven places and now he thinks he might have a broken rib. Injuries doctors says will take at least three months to heal, but Ibrahim expects it’s the injuries you can't see that will take much longer.

“I feel selfish, I really do,” says Ibrahim. “I have a broken heel and some cuts and bruises and she's gone and he's fighting for his life, all because I was there.”

A couple from Colorado was driving in the grey car. The 29-year-old female passenger died. The driver, a 34-year-old man, is still in a Detroit hospital in critical condition.

The Wiebe brothers say it’s too bad they weren't able to save everybody.

The Wiebe's found Ibrahim through Facebook and a post by his son Matt.

“They reunited with me is a task I  though was impossible,” says Ibrahim. “He has made me so proud and that’s what pulls me through the dark spots.”

Cornelius Wiebe says it’s a relief that he was able to save a life.

“I lost faith quite a long time ago, and they've restored it, completely,” says Ibrahim. “Knowing people like them exist in a society like this. I will pay that forward.”