WINDSOR, ONT. -- A local Walmart cashier is thanking a Good Samaritan who made her day a little brighter.

Maryanne Johnston says she met the woman at her checkout station at Walmart in Lauzon, Windsor.

After a power failure at the store, Johnston had to accept cash only for purchases.

One woman who checked out at Johnston's station, returned with a coffee for the staff.

During their conversation, Johnston mentioned she was getting her hair done after her shift due to the upcoming lockdown, Monday.

The unknown woman then proceeded to call the salon and paid $40 dollars toward her haircut.

"Most of the time you hear all the negative stuff, so I wanted to make this known that there are amazing people out in the world today. Even though sometimes it may not be the easiest to find those people," said Johnston.

It was an act of kindness she says she won't soon forget.