A GoFundMe page has been created with hopes of commemorating the life of a Windsor woman who died after a brutal beating on the Ganatchio trail.

Sara “Anne” Widholm, 76, died from her injuries in December, over a year after she was attacked on the trail in October of 2017.

The accused, Habibullah Ahmadi, is charged with one count of second degree murder. His next court date is March 19.

Fundraiser creator Renee Rupert says the story affected many people, including herself.

“I attended the memorial service for Anne and spoke to the family afterward,” said Rupert in the post. “I needed their permission to create a commemorative area along the Ganatchio trail in memory of their Mother and Father(Alfred) who passed away four months after Anne was assaulted.”

She says the family liked the idea and was humbled at the fact this could be done.

“With their permission I am now forging ahead to create a space in memory of this beautiful couple,” she says.

Her plan is to select an area along the Ganatchio trail that would provide a sense of peace for those who want to linger.

This space would include a bench on a cement foundation, a tree of the families choice, a perennial garden around the tree, a commemorative plaque at the base of the tree and a plaque on the back of the bench.

Other ideas include a flood light and call box in the area.

Rupert also wants to put a garbage can nearby since Widholm walked the trail keeping it clean along the way.

The total cost of this project is approximately $7,000.

So far, half the project is paid for and the GoFundMe is seeking an additional $3,500.