WINDSOR, ONT. -- Over the weekend, the Ontario government amended its emergency orders to allow for batting cages to open, drive-in theatres to start screening movies and overnight camping at select parks.

“It’s like one step forward and three steps back,” according to Rob Adlam, president of Forest Glade baseball.

He says the amendments were made but lacked details and since physical distancing still requires groups of no more than five people be together at a time, they won’t be using their cage until June 15 at least.

“We don’t have any insurance for team-related activities so as much as the batting cages might be open, I don’t think they’re going to be getting used without further clarification,” Adlam says.

Drive-in movie theatre owners too are searching for answers, after getting the green light.

The government release over the weekend was short on details, but according to CTV News patrons must be from the same family, vehicles must be two metres apart and food will not be sold.

However, patrons can bring in their own snacks.

There is one local drive-in, Boonies in Tilbury.

A post on their Facebook page says they plan to open Friday June 5 once they get all the restrictions and rules figured out.

Ontario Parks is loosening restrictions, and allowing overnight camping but only in “back country.”

Officials say these are campers who do not require washrooms or showers as they set up their own camps in the wilderness.

Officials and camp staff are doing maintenance and drafting re-opening plans so they are ready to welcome all campers, when the province deems it is safe to do so.