Two cyclists have lost their lives on area roadways in recent weeks.

On Monday night, a memorial ride and the installation of “Ghost Bikes” were organized by a local cycling group.

“It’s really sad. We would prefer never to have Ghost Bikes,” says Lori Newton, the chair of Bike Friendly Windsor Essex.

The memorials are for Windsor men Steven Lamos and Kevin Emisch, both victims of unrelated cycling collisions a few weeks ago.

59-year-old Steven Lamos was struck by a pick-up truck at the corner of Parent and Tecumseh Road on June 17. He later died of his injuries.

The very next day, police say 38-year-old Kevin Emisch was struck by a sport utility vehicle near the 800 block of Huron Street in LaSalle just before 10:00 on June 18. He also passed away as a result of injuries sustained in the accident.

Charges have been laid in both incidents and both matters are before the courts.

"It's a very bad way to start the season,” says Newton. “We've got to not have anymore. To do that, we've got to be spreading the word in the community, to both sides, on how to stay safe on the roads."

As part of tonight’s memorial ride, Ghost Bikes were placed near intersections where the fatalities occurred in Windsor and LaSalle.

Close to 100 bikers came out for the ride to pay respects, and hold a moment of silence for the victims.

"The point is that people will see it and it will be a reminder to take care, be aware," says Newton.

According to, hundreds of the white bicycles have been installed around the world since 2003.

Newton of Bike Friendly, a cycling advocacy group, says though fatalities are a fairly rare occurrence in Windsor-Essex, accidents still happen frequently.

“We have a lot of crashes. We have a lot of injured cyclists. And that's something we need to raise awareness of and keep people respectful of," she said.