WINDSOR, ONT. -- A group of teachers hope to combat anti-Black racism and create change in the education system.

The newly created Black Staff Equity Alliance plans to hold a virtual inaugural meeting on Wednesday.

“We are an alliance working together for the betterment of our Black staff, our Black students, all of our allies,” said Alliance co-founder Amina Adbulle.

Staff from both elementary and secondary levels can get involved.

“Teachers, support staff, IT staff, custodial staff, secretarial staff,” Adbulle said.

The committee’s main objective aims to make Black students feel visible, included and more connected to their academic experiences.

“The response has been overwhelming in a wonderful way. I think we have a little over 50 and more people are continuing to sign up,” Adbulle said.

Both the local public school board and the union representing high school teachers support the initiative.

“We have a status of women committee, we have an GSA staff committee and we have a human rights committee,” Erin Roy OSSTF District 9 president said.

Roy says there is a strong focus this year on anti-Black racism from her members.

“I heard some stories in our training that were really eye opening and really makes you question some of the things that you grew up with and some of the implicit bias we all have,” Roy said.

The Alliance is open to all staff, but those individuals who want to attend need to register beforehand.