The price of gasoline is back up in the Windsor area and analysts don’t expect them to fall anytime soon.

For weeks motorists have enjoyed lower gas prices, at times as low as 80 cents a litre.

Without warning, prices spiked on Tuesday in the city and across the country. Windsor prices went up to $1.04 at most locations. The average price in the city was 99.2 cents on Thursday afternoon according to price-tracking website

According to price-tracking website, the average price for a litre of regular gasoline in Canada is currently $1.04 – ranging from 90 cents in Manitoba to $1.14 in Quebec.

That's still a long way from the average highs of $1.40 per litre seen this time last year, but gas prices have been creeping up across Canada for weeks, and are expected to continue to rise.

"Motorists should be prepared -- and braced for -- some pretty big increases," says senior petroleum analyst Dan McTeague.

Analysts say they've been expecting to see prices rise as the supply of 'cheaper gas' is used up.

McTeague says there is little chance of a price drop until petroleum refineries do that turnaround and rebuild their inventories.

"The party is over for now," he said.

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