In the midst of their grief, the family of Jim Gammon is speaking out, calling on all drivers to watch out for motorcyclists.

Jim Gammon, 56, of Belle River died on Tuesday as a result of injuries he suffered in a collision in Windsor on June 4.

His son Evan Gammon his older brother Andrew Gammon and their mom P.J. Gammon have all been handed an incredible blow - the unexpected death of their husband and father.

While they plan his memorial service, Evan Gammon says the family is trying to use their tragedy as a cautionary tale to all drivers.

“He loved his bike, he has years and years of experience,” says Even Gammon.

Evan Gammon says his dad has even driven all the way to Calgary on a motorcycle. A return trip was planned for this summer, but on June 4 Gammon drove his motorcycle into Windsor.

“He though he'd save some money and enjoy the nice weather,” says Evan Gammon. “My mom wanted me to say the last time she saw him, she said, ‘Be careful’ and that was the last thing she said to him.”

Gammon was involved in the collision at Richmond and Chilver. Police say he suffered a skull fracture when his motorcycle collided with this minivan. The female driver and her nine-month-old infant were not hurt in the accident, but Gammon was rushed to hospital where he had emergency neurosurgery.

“We only had 15 minutes to say what we could to him, give our love and send him away,” says Evan Gammon.

The gammon family stood vigil beside Jim, hoping he'd wake up. But after two and a half weeks the family faced a difficult decision.

“He was really free, loved his quality of life and if he couldn't have that it wasn't a life he wanted to live,” says Gammon. “It was a decision he made himself, he spoke to us about, because he knew the risks of riding a motorcycle.”

The Gammon family is still waiting for police to finish their investigation. Police say charges are pending.

“Our hope is any witnesses to the accident, would contact the office, the family certainly would like some answers as to what happened,” says the family’s lawyer Jennifer Bezaire.

Bezaire says it’s too early to decide if any lawsuits will be filed.

“We're liaising with insurance companies to ensure they receive all the benefits to which they are entitled,”says Bezaire.

Evan says the staff at Windsor Regional Hospital were incredible during their ordeal.

He says one employee in particular was especially helpful, explaining all the steps in the process to the family and she was always there if they had any questions.

Gammon has been cremated and the family is having a memorial service on July 4 at Victoria Greenlawn Funeral Home.

Whatever the police decide, Evan Gammon says their tragedy can serve as a reminder to all drivers.