There is renewed optimism about the possibility of the University of Windsor Law School moving downtown.

The provincial government has approved funding to renovate the 85-year-old Paul Martin building, bringing new life to a plan that was halted last year, after nearly six years of discussions to try and make it happen.

On May 2, a week before the writ dropped on the election, the province quietly committed $20-million in funding to support the relocation of the law school.

While there's excitement around the news, some question the timing and wonder if it's only an election ploy.

“We have been assured they do not see it as an election dependent so we will continue to work with the ministry to see what has to be done to finalize it,” says University of Windsor president Dr. Alan Wildeman. “But we have not been given any indication this is, as they say, blowing in the wind.”

“It is great news,” says mayor Drew Dilkens. “It will be a fantastic addition to downtown campus. “

The federal government has already invested $3.3-million into the long neglected building, in hopes of filling it with 600 university students.

City council also committed $15-million to the plan, which still must be finalized.

Dr. Wildeman says they need to have serious discussions with the federal government to have them put more money on the table.

How much exactly is not clear as the cost estimates are still being worked out, but city and school officials say it is possible the new law school could be open within five years.