Twelve years have passed since the tragic murder of a Tecumseh woman, but her friends and authorities continue to search for answers in her death.

Stacy-Ann Sappleton was found dead in a New York City dumpster.

There are very few details surrounding the death of 26-year-old.

But her loyal friends remain steadfast, hopeful someone will eventually come forward with information.

“It's been such a mystery that's left a lot of people sad,” says friend Tom Ferrara. “With a void in their life."

More than 12 years after her death, Ferrara continues to keep her memory alive.

“She was very likeable and close to lots of people for her to be taken in prime of life,” says Ferrara. “About to get married, had her whole life ahead. It was just traumatic.

Sappleton was working for Ferrara in May 2004, when she flew to New York to make wedding plans with her future in-laws, but she never showed up at their home. Ferrara says she missed a conference call, which he says was extremely odd. 

“Her fiance called me the day that she left for New York, he knew I had a conference call,” says Ferrara. “She missed it, and hadn't called him. They were in touch a lot. He felt something was up. He was trying to get family to look for her. There was no trace of her.”

Three days later, her body was discovered in a dumpster. She'd been shot three times, and stripped of her clothing.  To this day, investigators have failed to turn up any leads and there are no suspects.

“It is a cold case. We need a new tip to come forward to bring so many friends and family some closure they deserve. This was a tragic case,” says Essex County OPP Const. Amanda Allen.

Allen says Crime Stoppers agencies work very closely together and any tips shared here, or in New York, can be used to help solve this case.

“They are all over world,” says Allen. “So just because they didn't take place here, doesn't mean we can't get info to right people to solve the crime.”

Until that day comes, Ferrara says he will continue to share her story. He says there are many people, including all of her former colleagues that want closure.

“It would be a sweet day if we found someone to charge with this crime,” says Ferrara.

Crime Stoppers is offering up to $2,000 for information leading to an arrest, on top of that, private industry is offering another $10,000.