It was an emotional day for the family and friends of 17 year old Michael Matte who died last week from carbon monoxide poisoning.

A funeral was held at St. John the Baptist church in Amherstburg on Saturday.

"For most people this is their first death, that they've ever experienced so was very sad," Taylor Wright, a close friend of Matte.

"It's sad walking into a classroom and not seeing Michael's' face," says Paige Tremblay another close friend.

Amherstburg police say 17 year-old Matte's death was accidental.

He died last Saturday in a garage after exposure to carbon monoxide fumes coming from a generator.

Police say Matte was staying in the garage.

Earlier this week, Matte's football team, the Bulldogs, head a tribute at their championship game in his honour.

The General Amherst football team walked onto the field carrying Matte's jersey, number 37.

"Michael had a great personality, a jokester, always had a smile on his face, my favourite guy on the football team to pick on," says coach John Rrudak.

For now, friends want to send a strong message to the public.

"We definitely want to spread more awareness of carbon monoxide and make sure to have those detectors in your house and to be aware that it's undetectable," says Wright.

"Anything can be taken from you especially when you least expect it."