Despite chilly temperatures on Saturday, hundreds of girls and their parents lined up for a chance to say "yes to the prom dress."

Meaghan O'Neill was first in line, waiting for 2 hours before being let in...but now she gets first pick.

At New Beginnings in Windsor, there's more than 900 formal dresses that are new or gently used to choose from.

Since the event began five years ago, it's has benefited more than 700 girls, just like O'Neill.

"I really like the colour of this one, and my mom really likes these two so I'm trying them on to make her happy," says O'Neill.

She attends Sandwich Secondary School. Her prom is in May and her mother Carol admits, finances are a concern.

"We're a blended family, so there's a lot of kids and money is strapped," Carol says.

"To spend $300, $400, $500 or more for a dress when this is a one day event, it's gotten too big."

Carol says she is thankful for such an event.

"These types of dresses never go out of style because they are all classic," she adds.

Dresses range from size 0-26.

"These dresses are free, there is no cost. There is no returning, however once you wear the dress it would be nice for you to re-donate it next year," says Mary Kay Morand of New Begginings.

That's what O'Neill plans to do.

Donations of dresses are being accepted until Thursday.