A Windsor councillor battling cancer has finished his chemotherapy.

Fred Francis first shared in January that he was diagnosed with Nodular Sclerosis Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Francis had his 12th and last treatment last Thursday.

The ward 1 councillor tells CTV News after six months -- he feels a little fatigued but otherwise “pretty good” and is remaining positive.

At 38 years of age, Francis never imagined he would have to take on this fight, but now urges anyone feeling unwell to see a physician.

“Don't be afraid to go see a doctor. Don't be afraid of the tests,” says Francis. “If you catch it early, it might make a world of difference and if you are fighting something, keep on fighting because you can win."

Francis said he went to see his doctor on Dec. 5 after experiencing chest pains. He received the cancer diagnosis on Dec. 31.

Francis received the news a little over a month after his sister-in-law, Michelle Prince, passed away from cancer. Prince was the wife of Fred's brother Eddie, the former mayor of Windsor.

Francis says the support of family, friends and the community has helped.

He expects to be sent to the Met hospital for this third scan using the newly arrived PET/CT scanner in about a month.