WINDSOR, ONT. -- Four drivers who had allegedly been speeding down Windsor roadways about double the posted limit have been charged with stunt driving.

The Windsor Police Service Traffic Enforcement Unit charged all four drivers Thursday.

An officer monitoring traffic in the city’s south end where the speed limit is “clearly marked” as 60 km/hr stopped three vehicles travelling at 120 km/hr, 136 km/hr and 114 km/hr.

Police say another officer was monitoring the Wyandotte Street East area where a vehicle was travelling 101 km/hr in a 50 km/hr zone — more than twice the speed limit.

“The Windsor Police Service is committed to public safety, which includes road safety. Driving at excessive speeds puts lives of our community members at risk and is unacceptable,” a WPS news release says. “Many fatal collisions are a direct result of speed. All drivers have a shared responsibility to keep our roadways safe.”

Police say one of the drivers had received a speeding ticket only two days before the alleged stunt driving incident during another traffic occurrence.

All of the drivers have been issued a summons with a court date for stunt driving, their licenses immediately suspended and their vehicles impounded for seven days.