The Children's Aid Society in Windsor Essex is looking for foster parents.

Officials say they have fewer and fewer families willing to accept children into homes.

The Labrecque family is sharing their story of fostering to encourage others to consider it. The Labrecque's have fostered 218 children, along with raising their two biological kids.

"Anytime you add a dimension to your family, you are enriching everyone in your family," a family member says.

The Labrecques are one of 184 foster homes in Windsor Essex, but that's not nearly enough, officials say. The local Children's Aid Society has 500 children in its care.

"Homes that don't normally take infants we're asking them to take infants. Homes that don't normally take teenagers we're asking them to take teenagers and it has put a strain on our system," said Marie Rocheleau of the CAS.

Fostering to adopt is the society's philosophy, which is exactly what happened with Celine Labrecque.

She moved in with the Labrecques at the age of 5. Now 14 years later, she calls it her forever home.

"There's other people that maybe don't have the same story as me, but there just like me in a different way and everyone deserves a chance," she says.

But adoption doesn't always work so Rocheleau says foster care can be a viable short term option.

"We look for families that can help us to ensure the safety and wellbeing of every child in our community and knowing that they can trust that their needs will be met."