A former Windsor police officer has been sentenced to 18 months of probation and must pay a $500 fine for counselling to commit the offence of trafficking.

It's considered to be the last chapter in a long legal ordeal for David Bshouty after several years in and out of Windsor and Detroit court rooms.

Bshouty cannot consume or possess any drugs unless prescribed by a doctor. He cannot possess a firearm or ammunition for 10 years and must attend drug counseling.

Court heard Friday that Bshouty had asked if someone could help his friend get $20 worth of MDMA, also known as Molly, but didn't actually commit the offense of trafficking.

Bshouty was charged in November 2014 after the people he asked turned out to be undercover officers.

His defense team says while the penalty may appear minor, the consequences are great.

“The fact that Mr. Bshouty lost his employment and essentially his whole life was turned upside down” says lawyer Evan Weber.

“He's now trying to move on. That involves him moving out of this jurisdiction so that's all taken into account by the judge so on the face of it might seem light but certainly there's more in terms of consequences” adds Weber.

Bshouty was sentenced to six months of probation in October after pleading guilty to drug possession after a bottle of oxycontin was found in his police locker.

The former Windsor police constable had confiscated the pills but never filled out a police report.

Bshouty was also arrested in april 2014 at the detroit border after being caught with what officials alleged to be crack cocaine. Those charges were eventually dropped.

More than a dozen police act charges against bshouty were dropped, when he resigned last June.