A Windsor man has pleaded guilty to crimes of sexual assault while working as a massage therapist.

WARNING: Story contains graphic content.

Shawn Boycott, 47, pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual assault and one count of committing an indecent act against five women in Windsor Superior Court on Friday.

Boycott admitted to touching the women he was massaging for a sexual purpose between April and December 2017.

The crimes were committed at a local spa, a fitness club and a massage therapy clinic.

The first victim to come forward, did so, after a massage at a local spa in December 2017.

She told police Boycott put his hands under the sheet covering her body and moved his hands up her thighs, until he touched her vagina.

The woman says Boycott did this twice, before she stopped the massage.

Another victim had been going to Boycott for two years at a local fitness club.

On one occasion, when she was 17, the young woman asked for a massage of her neck, face and upper back and admits she fell asleep during the massage.

When she woke up, she told the court, Boycott’s hands were “gently” massaging her breasts.

She moved so he would know she was awake and Boycott took his hands off her breasts.

Another victim told Police she got a massage at a local spa when Boycott placed her hands, palms up, along side her body.

While still dressed, the woman says Boycott placed his scrotum in her bare hand, twice during the massage.

When giving her victim impact statement, this victim says Boycott’s actions changed her, dramatically.

She stopped wearing “feminine” clothes and avoided any male attention at work.

“I'm forgiving myself for taking your cruelty and turning it on myself.” She said.

The fourth victim went to a massage therapy clinic for “severe pain” late on a Friday night.

She says Boycott asked her to take off all of her clothes, even though she needed a massage for pain in her neck.

She told police Boycott put his hands under the sheet covering her chest and massaged her breasts.

She too says Boycott placed his penis in her open hands, even though he was fully clothed.

The fifth victim in the case, wasn’t a massage client.

She worked near Boycott’s apartment and in April of 2017, she saw Boycott openly masturbating, in front of his window, on the bottom floor of his apartment building.

At the time, she told the court Boycott was trying to get a job at the doctors’ office where she worked.

Justice Kirk Munroe grilled Boycott about his actions, before accepting Boycott’s guilty pleas.

Boycott admitted his actions were inappropriate, for a sexual purpose and he did not have any of the womens’ consent.

“You will be going to jail, you understand this, correct?” Justice Munroe asked, to which Boycott replied yes.

The court has delayed Boycott’s sentencing until Dec. 6, so he can attend a family wedding.

Crown attorney Jennifer Holmes and defence lawyer Michael Gordoner have agreed to what they think the sentence should be, but that won’t be divulged until the hearing in December.