WINDSOR -- The by-election in Windsor's Ward 7 could potentially get a little more interesting.

Ken Lewenza, the former CAW national president has been a labour activist for decades.

Now he's being urged by union colleagues to run in the April byelection.

"This time, I'm seriously considering it, because number one I’ve got the time and number two I've got as much compassion and love for the community as I did when I was serving our members and serving our community."

It's to fill a seat left vacant by Irek Kusmierczyk, who was elected federally.

Since his retirement, Lewenza has remained a vocal advocate around labour issues and health care in the community.

He doesn't live in the ward, but tells CTV News he's always made decisions in the best interests of his constituents and says that wouldn't change.

Lewenza has not made a final decision, but hopes to do so by week's end.

"There's still a lot of strategic conversations that need to take place,” says Lewenza. “And for me, personally, I heard a lot of encouraging comments today, but I still want to talk to the constituents in ward seven. I've got to find a mechanism to talk to the constituents in Ward 7 because they ultimately make the decision."

The nomination period ends March 18.

Four other people have already submitted their names.

They are Igor Dzaic, Barbara Holland, Greg Lemay and Michael Malott.