The former fire chief in Kingsville has taken the stand in his own defence.

Bob Kissner is charged with 17 sex-related offences against eight alleged victims including assault and exploitation.

Warning: Content of this story will be offensive to some readers.

Kissner denies all of the allegations of wrongdoing.

He testified that all of the sexual touching he did was consensual and when any alleged victim said they were uncomfortable with any of his behavior, including shoulder rubs and massages, he stopped.

The 62-year-old Kissner took the stand inside superior court Friday to defend himself.

One of them dates back to 1990, when Kissner was a teacher. Now a grown man, the alleged victim says Kissner hugged him and in some occasions, touched the young mans' buttocks.

Kissner  admits he is a hugger, but denies he would ever touch a student in the buttocks or groin.

Marley asked him "he (the victim) testified you told him being gay is an abomination? Did you say that?”

Kissner replied “No, I did not."

Another victim, a teenager, was living with Kissner because he was arguing with his parents. Kissner testified it was the teen who asked to sleep in his bed.

Kissner told the court "I don't even like my dogs to sleep in my bed. I like to be alone and it wouldn't have been appropriate."

Court heard it was one of the victims who on a number of occasions would expose himself to Kissner, not the other way around.

Kissner did admit that he has given massages to some of the alleged victims, but he testified "he didn't pull away. He didn't get up."

When asked about another alleged victim, Kissner testified "there were occasions when I would put my hand on his thigh and there were occasions when it would drift to his groin."

But Kissner testified when any of the alleged victims said the relationship was making them uncomfortable, Kissner stopped.

Kissner was also very adamant on the stand that most of his alleged victims remained friends with him, years after the incidents occurred.

Marley has only gotten through half of the alleged victims, so Kissner will be back on the stand on Monday.