WINDSOR, ONT. -- COVID-19 has impacted small retail shops, gyms, and salons, but some of the city's larger venues have been hit hard as well.

One venue is the Fogolar Furlan Club, which was founded 60 years ago as a place where Italians from the Northern Region of Friuli could gather and celebrate their unique tranditions.

Dino Quattrociocchi, General Manager of the club says, "It's a lot of overhead to keep this place running, so you want to make sure it's viable. We have to look at alternative sources of revenue."

Quattrociocchi confirms the clubs' Board of Directors mailed out letters to its members outlining three recommendations to keep the club financially stable.

The first recommendation is to sever and rezone the club property for the possibility of selling 12/27 acres of its land in the future.

Second, the Board would like to change the membership structure fee. This would include membership fees to $100 dollars/member.

The third and final recommendation is to move forward with discussion to redesign and repurpose the Boccedrome as a sport rental facility with turf.

With the pandemic, the club is operating at between 10-15% of its normal income.

Quattrociocchi tells CTV News that the club has begun to take steps to make alternative income during the pandemic including creating four Pickelball courts which have been rented out to 240 players on a weekly basis.

The plan doesn't plan to reopen until Windsor enters the 'Green Prevent' category of the Provinces reopening plan.

"For a club this size, you want to get to the stage where you can get at least 50 people per room so you can maximize a profit."

The Board of Directors is asking members to return their ballots through mail by Friday, March 12.

On online meeting for their members is scheduled for Sunday, March 14 at 2 p.m. to review the results of the vote.