The Influenza B outbreak on the seventh floor of Windsor Regional Hospital’s Ouellette Campus is officially over.

The Windsor-Essex County Public Health Unit and the Infection Prevention and Control Department confirmed it to be over on Friday.

The outbreak began around Dec. 26 was officially declared on Jan. 3.

Four patients were affected and five staff.

Officials say a new case has not developed since Jan. 4.

To prevent future Respiratory Outbreaks the following practices are recommended:

1. Obtain the seasonal influenza vaccine.

2. Implement Droplet and Contact Precautions at the respiratory illness symptoms. This means using mask, face protection, gloves and gowns for all contact with symptomatic patients or their environment.

3. Use Droplet and Contact Precautions for 3 days with asymptomatic patients presenting from outbreak facilities.

 4. Comply with the 4 moments of hand hygiene: · Before patient / patient environment contact · Before aseptic procedure · After body fluid exposure risk · After patient / patient environment contact

5. Refrain from eating and drinking in patient care areas. 6. Employees must regularly report Respiratory Illnesses to Employee Health.

Hospital officials are Special thanks to the 7 th floor staff who worked diligently to control the spread of infection.