WINDSOR -- Leamington is gathering information from residents as part of a public information session on a floodplain study for southeast Leamington.

Close to 120 residents came out Wednesday night to take part in the municipality’s Southeast Leamington Graduated-Risk Floodplain Mapping Project.

“We experienced record high lake levels in 2019 and there’s a possibility in 2020 that we will be near 2019 levels,” says Rob Sharon, director of infrastructure services for Leamington.

The study has been broken down into four major zones including the flood-prone lands between Wheatley Harbour to the northern border of Point Pelee National Park, and the west shore to Sturgeon Creek.

“We are providing the technical data that we are finding from the studies. How deep the shoreline is, in relation to how deep the land is,” says Sharon.

The ultimate goal is to develop short-term and long-term solutions to coastal hazards.

“What the residents are bringing to the table are their personal experiences and how they think we should help solve this problem together because certainly no agency or no private homeowner is going to be able to solve this issue on their own,” says Sharon.

If you missed the meeting, there is a third session planned.