Flex-N-Gate employees have voted down a tentative deal and are officially on strike.

Unifor Local 195 and the company had reached a tentative agreement earlier this week, but now that they’ve rejected it, the picket signs are already out.

"We've sent the members out to the picket line, and we're immediately commencing strike action," says Gerry Farnham, president of Unifor local 195.

In the vote, 108 workers voted no and 88 voted yes.

Farnham says roughly 200 workers accepted concessionary deals -- and no wags increases for more than a decade.

"The employer makes a lot of money and they wish to get back what they've lost, said Farnham. "In the community of Windsor, there's a lot of gains taking place within the automotive industry, so they say hey, where's my fair shake of that?"

Flex-N-Gate makes chassis for minivans assembled at the Windsor Assembly Plant.

Farnham says WAP will be affected quickly by the strike, within six to 12 hours.

He believes FCA will intervene if it drags out.

"I would think they can put a lot of pressure on the Flex n Gate chain and say you've gotta get your labour relations figured out," said Farnham.

FCA officials say the plant is on shut-down over the long weekend. The automaker is monitoring the situation, and is hopeful the two sides can reach an agreement.