The first step in a major road project along Windsor’s Riverfront is moving ahead.

Amico Infrastructures has been awarded the first phase of the $6.3 million Riverside Drive Vista Improvement Project.

That work will run from Riverdale Avenue to Lauzon Road.

"It's a big dollar amount. We're moving forward,” Dilkens said after the council meeting Monday night. “Riverside Vista is important to us. It was something that was identified in the 8-point plan and it's something that's been on the council books for probably, almost 12 years."

Part of the work will include larger, separated sewers as well as barrier curbs – part of the mayor’s eight-point plan to help stop flooding in the city.

Mayor Dilkens says work will begin this year.

“This is going to take some time to complete, but the first phases will be completed in short order and we’ll keep moving forward over time,” said Dilkens. “It will be a bit of a hassle, like any construction project but the hassle will be worth it at the end of the day.”