Final submissions were handed down Wednesday in the coroner's inquest of the 2011 death of a Windsor construction worker.

The jury heard a joint submission of six recommendations for consideration. The hope being that something positive will come from the tragedy.

After three full days of witness testimony, the jury has begun its deliberations in the case involving Takis Escoto.

The 34-year-old was hit and killed by a front-end loader while working in June of 2011.

Escoto's family's lawyer Sean McFarling told the court there's a need to improve the current laws.

“We need to create a culture of safety in the workplace and on all construction sites," says McFarling.

Escotos' father, Ramiro, had a chance to address the jury. He said he was filled with emotions. "I am the father waiting for his son, although I know he won't come back."

Among the six recommendations up for consideration are that the Ministry of Transportation amend the highway traffic act to require heavy equipment operators to possess a valid driver's license.

Other recommendations are that the Ministry of Labour require heavy equipment operators be certified and licensed for the operation of heavy equipment and that the Ministry of Labour require a signal person to be present to assist the operator of heavy equipment in all instances, while operating heavy equipment in reverse.

The court heard testimony that no signal person was in place the day of the accident. McFarling says "they need to be mandatory in every instance." As it is right now, he says there are some exceptions but said "that's unacceptable."

Edward Pendergrast, a lawyer for the Coco Group of Companies, offered condolences to the family, including the victim's father, who was present in the courtroom.

"We offer our deep, deep and profound remorse for the events that occurred," says Pendergrast.

Pendergrast says the company is committed to making sure the tragic events surrounding Escoto's death never happen again.

In considering all the evidence, the chief coroner reminded the jury there was no direct eye witness to the event and that all evidence is circumstantial.

Deliberations will continue Thursday morning.