After 48 years in business, the Sears store in Windsor officially closed Sunday.

The Devonshire Mall location joined other Sears stores across the country that have all closed their doors for good.

Sears began the process of liquidating its remaining stores in October after failing to find a buyer.

Customers on Sunday expressed sadness at the closing.

Lindsey Friesen took her children to Sears every year for annual photos.

“Our last group shot was with their instruments and I took in one more Sears photo before the photo lab shut down,” she said.

Britanny Thorburn rented a U-Haul to pick up nine clothing racks for her new clothing store.

She said she saved lots of money by purchasing items at Sears.

“We had a shipment coming and we cancelled it,” she said.

Sears has been a part of Devonshire Mall since 1970.

Doris McKnight-Slipiek started working at Sears 39 years ago. She says it feels like she is losing a part of her family.

It has been a long, slow demise for the retail giant after announcing in October that it would close, putting its remaining 12,000 staff out of work, including 155 in Windsor.