He's a young boy that will always be remembered as a superhero.

When Mason Bacon-Macri died from cancer over two months ago, the Windsor-Essex community rallied behind the four-year-old boy and his family.

Now his parents, Iain Macri and Chantelle Bacon are making it their mission to make sure Mason's legacy lives on.

 A new foundation called Fight Like Mason has launched to raise money to help other children battling this deadly disease.

"His story, his attitude and his spirit has lived on is stretched almost across the globe,” says Macri. “I can't help but laugh. I couldn't be more proud as a dad."

Mason lost his battle with cancer on June 27. Community members, young and old, honoured his zest for life with a superhero sendoff.

"He gushed about everything, toys, outside, cars you name it and number 1 was superheroes," says Macri.

The new foundation has come up with creative ways to help children with cancer.

"It's about making kids not so scared of medical equipment in the home,” says Bacon. “So we will be buying and donating colourful medical equipment and fun beds into the home so kids aren't that scared."

Some of the items for sale to support the foundation include sweat shirts, bracelets, cookies, keychains, stickers and Christmas ornaments.

Kristen Morassut spearheaded the latest addition to the Fight Like Mason merchandise.

"So that Mason is in everyone's home,” says Morassut. “So his legacy and memory never fades."