Fiat Chrysler is "winding down" transport operations at Windsor Assembly Plant.

FCA Canada spokesperson LouAnn Gosselin confirmed that FCA US is winding down its Windsor transport operations.

“Retirement packages will be offered to eligible employees at the Windsor Assembly Plant, which includes FCA Transport,” says Gosselin.

FCA Transport in Windsor is responsible for parts transportation, not completed vehicles.

“Those employees who elect not to take the package or are not eligible to retire will be offered positions at the Windsor Assembly Plant.”

About 295 jobs could be eliminated within the next six months, as the decision affects 288 hourly and seven salary employees.

The President of Unifor Local 444, Dino Chiodo, tells CTV Windsor the decision is not set in stone.

"It's not as easy as just saying it's a done deal because this could fall off the rails at any time" says Chiodo.

Unifor members will meet with its legal department and national representatives to figure out their next steps.

Chiodo adds that will include the implications of FCA's decision, and what the packages or job postings could look like.

"Does it mean we have a lot of challenges ahead of us? Absolutely" adds Chiodo.

Chiodo also points out if the transportation department is outsourced, the union will not allow non-union carriers to the Windsor docks.

He insists the union will fight to keep those jobs in Windsor.