The hot weather has led to a few complaints about hot classrooms in Windsor-Essex.

The Greater Essex County District School Board confirms it has received a handful of complaints from parents about their children who have had to deal with sweltering conditions in some classrooms.

Board spokesperson Scott Scantlebury tells AM800 News only 20-percent of schools have air conditioning and installing window AC units is cost prohibitive.

He adds the hot weather only causes issues for about 10 to 12 days during the school year.

However, if a child has a pre-existing health issue and a parent is concerned, the parent can keep the child at home.

Heat advisories continued Wednesday across the region with humidex values in the low 40s.

The Windsor-Essex Catholic School Board meanwhile says it has not received any formal complaints about the heat at its schools.

Students and teachers at hundreds of Toronto schools without air conditioning also sweltered their way through record-breaking heat on Wednesday.

The Toronto District School Board spokesperson Ryan Bird said the TDSB had received a number of phone calls and social media messages complaining about the heat in certain schools.

Acknowledging that conditions were “very uncomfortable” in some schools on Wednesday, Bird said the school administrators were “trying to do [their] best under very difficult circumstances” by opening windows, turning off lights and using fans. Cooling centres had been set up in the gyms or libraries of schools without full air conditioning.

Bird likened extreme heat to snowstorms, saying parents should exercise discretion and do what they think is best for their child during adverse weather conditions.

The school board estimates the cost of installing full air conditioning at all 538 of its schools to be nearly $750 million.

Temperatures across Windsor-Essex and the province are expected to decrease for the rest of the week.