A Human Rights Tribunal hearing is underway for a female Windsor police officer.

Staff Sgt. Christine Bissonnette is claiming "gender biased discrimination" during the promotional process. Bissonnette was first hired in 1987, and was promoted to Staff Sergeant in 2012.

However, the officer claims she was eligible for that position in 2006.

AM800 News reports Bissonnette told the tribunal hearing that "promotions are based on popularity rather than performance."

Bissonnette also said she's been dealing with harassment and discrimination since the 1990's and there's a culture within the Windsor Police where those who speak up are "targeted, singled out and ostracized."

Bissonnette first filed a Human Rights complaint in 2010, which she believes wasn't taken seriously.

The hearing will continue at a yet to be determined future date, where more witnesses are scheduled to appear.