Several hundred students rallied at the University of Windsor, frustrated with a strike that has caused some disruption of classes and services.

The rally at 1 p.m. on Tuesday at the Chrysler Hall Tower was organized by the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance.

“The UWSA wants to inform students of their rights during the strike, to strongly encourage both sides to return to the bargaining table and demand students be compensated for the services lost over the last month,” said UWSA president Rob Crawford.

The UWSA is taking a pro-student approach and not supporting university administration or the union.

“Every week they are on strike the university is saving roughly $300,000 dollars a week, so where is that money going? We want to see it go back into the pockets of students," says Crawford.

Even though UWSA says it's remaining politically neutral, after their rally graduate students who support CUPE 1393 took the opportunity to recruit about 50 students to occupy university president Alan Wildeman's office.

Students chanted loudly "Where is Wildo!" and "Regime change now!" outside Wildeman’s office.

Travis Reitsma, a graduate student in the Department of Sociology, began occupying Wildeman’s office on Monday and was still holding strong a day later.

CUPE 1393 workers have been on strike since Sept. 8. Talks broke down over the weekend. The union represents about 280 skilled trades and professional staff, including equipment technicians, carpenters and graphic designers.