It's been nearly a week since a collision involving an ambulance and minivan in Chatham.

Three people, including two on-duty paramedics, were taken to different hospitals with varying degrees of injury.

One of them was minivan driver Logan Simpson, a 25-year-old man from the Chatham-Kent area.

“He's on the road to recovery, but it's going to be a long one," says his father David Simpson.

He says his son is on the mend at London Health Sciences Centre.

“He's improving 100 per cent every day, just everyday I go and see him, he's getting better and better," says David Simpson.

He says Logan was put into a coma after going through nearly seven hours of surgery because all his organs had been pushed up in his chest.

“The diaphragm that separates your organs was torn completely off," says David Simpson

On July 3, emergency crews responded to Queen's Line and Highway 401 after reports that a vehicle collided with an ambulance.

“He was asking for help, in a very weak voice, mind you, but he's trying to holler for help," says David Simpson.

A woman who witnessed the crashed stopped to help.

It took sometime before crews could extricate Logan and during that time the woman held his hand and kept him calm.

“He thought he was going to die, but this woman was standing there and comforted him and told him no, we're going to get you out of here," says David Simpson.

Following his surgeries, Logan Simpson can now sit up and wiggle his toes.

The female paramedic, who was the driver of the ambulance, is at Hoetl-Dieu Grace Hospital in Windsor and is listed in fair condition. Her colleague has been released from a Chatham hospital, and is currently resting at home from minor injuries. Both paramedics have over 30 years of combined experience in Chatham-Kent.

“Paramedics are a small community, and we continue to support our employees who were involved in the incident,"says Mike Adair, operations manager with Medavie EMS Chatham-Kent.

Chatham-Kent police are still trying to determine what caused the crash.

"So the next step in this process will be to conduct mechanical inspections on both vehicles," says Const. Renee Cowell.

The Ministry of Labour has also been called in to investigate. Meantime, it will be another few days before Logan Simpson will be transported back to the Chatham area.