One person has dies after a head-on crash between a tractor trailer and a  vehicle on County Road 11 in Harrow.

Emergency crews were called to County Road 11 (Walker Road) between County Road 18 and 7th Concession around 7:50 a.m. Monday morning.

Police say a yellow jeep was northbound on Walker Road and a tractor trailer was southbound.

The two vehicles collided head on.

OPP say the occupant of the yellow jeep was pronounced deceased at the scene.  The driver of the tractor trailer was not injured.

Wolfgang Peters lives on Walker Road, just steps away from the fatal crash. He says he hears horns honking every day.

"People coming up to the corner not waiting for people to pass and they're pulling right up in front of them,” says Peters. “A lot of it is driver error as far as I'm concerned."

Peters tells CTV News he doesn't necessarily find the road itself dangerous, more so the drivers.

"Some are going way too fast for the conditions, like today it was raining," says Peters.

This isn't the first collision that's happened along that stretch of road, according to Peters.

“There's been at least a dozen in the 20 years I've been here,” he says. “Some of them are quite serious."

Being on a corner lot, Peters admits he's even more cautious today when pulling out of his driveway.

“They're pulling out in front of people here because they come off of Pike here and they're trying to get onto Walker if they're late for work or feel they gotta do 110km or something all the time, I don't know."

He adds some truck drivers on that stretch of road don't realize how sharp the bends are.

“I've seen one go off in the winter time, but that was road conditions he couldn't really help that, but for the most part I think tractor trailers stick to the speed limits," says Peters.

Essex Fire and Essex Powerline attended the scene, as a hydro line was struck by the jeep.

The OPP traffic collision investigation unit is at the scene and will take several hours to investigate. The road will remain closed for the investigation.