The City of Windsor is reminding residents that there is a fast-track option for getting to work on basement flooding prevention initiatives.

The city is reporting an “overwhelming number of applications” received under the traditional subsidy program, that has created a six-to-eight month backlog in processing traditional (non-fast track) requests for pre-inspection.

Under the fast track option, a home owner doesn’t require a pre-inspection by a city inspector. But a licensed plumber must perform a pre-conditions assessment before a Building Permit can be issued.

Eligibility for the subsidy is determined after the work has been done when a Building Inspector inspects the work performed under the permit.

“There are only a handful of city inspectors available to tackle the thousands of requests,” said City Engineer Mark Winterton. “We’re adding more, but it takes time, and in the meantime residents do have the option of enlisting one of the numerous licensed plumbers in the area to do a pre-condition assessment and submit the pre-condition assessment form and other required information to the City’s Building Department to obtain a permit. Then the work can proceed almost immediately.”

The city reports so far this year, over 1,000 subsidy applicants have chosen the fast-track option, while approximately 3,700 have applied for the traditional program.

Significant rainfall, up to 290 millimetres in some areas, from Aug. 28 to Aug. 29 brought major flooding to Windsor, Tecumseh, and other parts of Essex County.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada says over 1,000 basements were reported flooded and water levels were waist-high in some areas. City of Windsor officials say they received over 6,000 reports of basement flooding.

Full details on the Basement Flooding Subsidy program as well as tips for safeguarding your home against flooding can be found through a main marquee on the City of Windsor website.