WINDSOR, ONT. -- Carly Lemire tells CTV News her parents, David and Dianne Nadalin, are the victims of the explosion on Marentette Beach that happened on Sunday, July 12.

She says she saw her parents the night before their home exploded.

“This is a shocker,” she says “it’s not going to get better anytime soon.”

“They were loving grandparents and great grandparents. Always ready for visitors. Just great, loving, kind people.”

Lemire says her father David was 63, her mother 65. They leave behind three children, eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

The couple’s two dogs, teacup poodles named Rambo and Roxy were also killed in the explosion.

Lemire says officials haven’t “officially confirmed” their parents are the victims, but she says, “my parents would have contacted us by now.”

She tells CTV News autopsies will be conducted on her parents, in London, before funeral arrangements can be finalized.

Diane Chauvin, a local realtor, posted on Facebook, “I am devastated. R.I.P. Dave and Diane Charbonneau-Nadalin. I will remember you always.”

Chauvin declined an interview, out of respect to the family, but tells CTV News she sold the couple their “retirement” home on Marentette Beach 10 years ago.

She kept in touch with the couple over the years because they were “just good hard-working people” who both worked in healthcare but were both now retired.

“They loved each other and loved being on the water. Living the quiet life. They helped people their whole lives,” she says.

On Sunday around 5:40 p.m., Leamington fire responded to Marentette Beach, just north of Point Pelee for a report of an explosion.

The Office of the Fire Marshall says two bodies were discovered in the basement.

Manny Garcia, spokesperson for the OFM says investigators are now using heavy equipment to dig through the rubble of what’s left of the home.