A man who posed as a doctor has been sentenced to jail time.

Darko Jovanovich appeared before a Windsor court Thursday afternoon, after pleading guilty to seven counts of assault and fraud charges in May.

In a joint submission, both the defence and Crown sought a sentence of eight months, plus time served.  Taking that into account, Jovanovich will serve 60 days in jail, with 24 months’ probation.

Police say the 32-year-old posed as a doctor and a paediatric neurosurgeon, involving five victims between the ages of four and 40. Investigators say Jovanovich also tried to obtain $50,000 from a Windsor family by offering a surgery that could help a young child.

The investigation started on Feb. 19, when Windsor police received a fraud related call. The complainant informed officers that his business delivered $15,000 worth of furniture to a Windsor residence, but when a payment was made it turned out to be fraudulent.