LONDON, ONT. -- Erie Shore Drive will be shut down at midnight, Chatham-Kent officials say.

The evacuation of residents continued Sunday and members of the area Erie Shore Drive Property Association met with the municipality. They did resolve a few last minute concerns.

"We have encouraged everyone to make sure they document the condition of their property inside and out. If we can't get access for six to eight weeks, and we don't have ability to have machinery to protect the shoreline, we're very concerned about significant damage to properties as a result of this work, says the associations’ Terra Cadeau.

"There was a lot of fear that if we abandon our houses, there would be looters, so Chatham-Kent has agreed to provide security to ensure safety of the properties in absence of the owners," she says.

"It is important for the people to know that the properties along Erie Shore Drive, the property owners have been maintaining the shoreline, and the shoreline protects the dike. We need to work together with the municipality to ensure the shoreline remains protected while we are away."

In a statement, Chatham-Kent officials said: “The municipality is working on a contingency plan for Erieau and area as part of its emergency preparedness measures, therefore residents may begin to see increased activity (including presence of utilities vehicles) in the area.”

The municipality’s main phone line at 519-360-1998 will be staffed until 6 p.m. Sunday for residents who have concerns or questions.

Residents who require emergency accommodation can call 519-354-6628 if calling later than the 6 p.m. 

Chatham-Kent Council unanimously ordered the closure of that section of the road from Erieau Road to 18416 Erie Shore Drive order to allow repairs to the dike.