The Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority has received approval to increase its budget by 4.1 per cent.

The increase represents a $213,000 to the County of Essex municipalities and a $249,000 increase to the City of Windsor.

Manager of Finance and Administration Michelle Bishop along with General Manager Eli Maodus presented council the 2019 EWSWA budget Wednesday evening.

“In 2018 we received almost 100,000 tonnes from the City of Windsor and seven county municipalities,” said Bishop. “It split about 50-50 between the city and county so a dollar a tonne is $100,000 to the bottom line for the Essex Windsor Solid Waste Authoirity. Depending on the amount of tonnes received, a municipality that brings 7,000 to 8000 tonnes is not a significant amount of money, but it is still an increase.”

Bishop said the increase is necessary for the authority to balance its books by 2027.

She added there will also be a tipping fee increase of $1 per metric tonne to the cost of waste disposed at the regional landfill.

The EWSWA will make a presentation to Windsor city council later this month.