Essex-Windsor EMS is in the process of switching all of its red flashing lights to blue on its ambulances.

Chief Bruce Krauter says seven ambulances have already been outfitted with the new blue light bar as a way to help reduce collisions.

"It's a small change that can make a big difference," says Krauter.

The change follows amendments to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act last year, allowing ambulance and fire trucks to use blue lights like police.

Windsor Fire and Rescue made the switch to blue lights in 2017.

Krauter tells CTV News red lights blend into traffic while blue lights are more visible.

“Essex-Windsor EMS places a priority on patient and paramedic safety and these blue lights work to reduce collisions involving emergency vehicles and increase visibility on incident scenes,” adds Krauter.

Krauter also points to research that shows blue lights are more visible during the day and night compared to red and yellow lights.