The Town of Essex says town council has passed a new bylaw that includes a number of new provisions that help animals.

The Animal Care and Control bylaw passed last Monday consolidates five bylaws and includes provisions intended to make the town more animal friendly.

It is the first local bylaw to restrict tethering, including:

  • a ban on tethering or chaining an animal for more than 12 hours a day
  • a ban on driving with a dog loose in the back of an open pickup truck
  • a ban on leaving an animal in a car when the temperature is too hot or too cold
  • new provisions on animal welfare standards for pet owners

It also includes the existing anti-dumping provisions passed a few years ago, which allows the owner of a vehicle used to abandon an animal to be charged.

Provisions related to exotic animal ownership and the licensing and control of dogs are also included.

Donna Hunter, director of corporate services, said in a statement "The Town of Essex strives to be a pet-friendly community...This consolidated bylaw will help to ensure that animals are treated humanely and kept safely sheltered in clean and sanitary conditions.”

The Windsor/Essex Humane Society is congratulating the town on taking positive steps and hopes other municipalities will follow the town's lead.

To read the full Animal Care and Control Bylaw (Bylaw 1236) visit: