Essex MP Jeff Watson has shared a letter with CTV News that was written to the father of an unborn child, who will never get to meet his daughter.

Jeff Durham is calling for support of the unborn victims of crime act, after the murder of Cassandra Kaake and her unborn child molly.

Kaake was murdered in her Benjamin Avenue home on Dec. 11. She was seven months pregnant.

Many people have been signing a petition, called Molly Matters, after learning her alleged killer Matthew Brush is only facing one murder charge and not two.

In the letter Watson says he applauds Durham's efforts to resurrect the act that he supported the bill in 2008.

“It's hard to imagine such cognitive dissonance in Canada,” Watson wrote in the letter. “In this case a mother and a biological father - and many surrounding each - prepare for the arrival of what they know is a baby, was always a baby, and was, at some seven months of pregnancy, obvious to others, including the one charged in Cassandra's murder, a baby.”

Watson says the bill passed a vote at second reading, but parliament was interrupted by an election.He says changing the law will take more than just signing the petition.

He says those who grieve the death of the unborn child must “forge a strong consensus of Canadians - in all regions of the country - to demand justice for Molly.”