Final submissions were heard Tuesday on Day 8 of the trial for 33-year-old Joshua Erdodi of Essex, accused in a home invasion.

Erdodi has pleaded not guilty to charges of robbery with a firearm, break and enter and assault with a weapon.

Police allege he was one of two masked men who forced their way into a trailer on Steven Court in Essex in January 2017, one armed with a gun and the other a knife.

Three people were home at the time and the men allegedly made off with up to $3,000 in cash.

The focus of the trial Tuesday was the credibility of witnesses.

Erdodi sat in Superior Court shaking his head, visibly frustrated with final submissions made during his trial.

"Don’t (expletive) move. I'll shoot you," was one quote read aloud in court by Crown attorney Jayme Lesperance from one witness, who identified Erdodi as one of the masked men in the robbery.

The witness claiming the black bandana Erdodi was wearing slid down his face during a physical altercation.

"I knew it was his face. One hundred per cent," said the witness.

Defence lawyer Maria Carroccia argued the details of that night reported to police, contradict what was said at trial.

Carroccia noted one witness wasn't able to describe Erdodi's weapon shortly after the robbery, but more than two years later at trial, was able to detail the knife, its size and colour.

"His evidence is beyond belief,"Carroccia told the court.

Erdodi said he was with an acquaintance during the time of the home invasion.

The crown asked Justice Pamela Hebner to "disbelieve" his alibi, saying it is not credible and not reliable.

The second masked man was never identified and no other arrests have been made.

Court heard the remaining parties involved are all known to one another.

CTV News spoke with Erdodi's girlfriend Melissa on Tuesday. They have a two-year-old daughter together.

She says the trial has been horrible and hard on the family, saying their "lives have been turned upside down."

Hebner is scheduled to make her decision on Oct. 31.