WINDSOR -- An Essex man has been found not guilty in connection with home invasion in 2017.

The family of 33-year-old Joshua Erdodi left Superior Court in tears, relieved with Justice Pamela Hebner's judgment.

Defence lawyer Maria Carroccia tells CTV News she and her client are relieved he has been acquitted.

“An individual is presumed innocent until proven guilty,” says Carroccia. “She found she didn't believe those witnesses, then that was the end of the crown case.”

Hebner told the court she questioned the credibility and reliability of two witnesses who identified one of the suspects as Erdodi.

Erdodi had been facing charges of robbery with a weapon, break and enter and assault with a weapon after two armed masked men allegedly forced their way into a trailer on Steven Court in Essex in January 2017.

Three people were home at the time and the men allegedly made off with approximately $3000.

The second masked man was never identified and no other arrests were made.