OPP in Essex County are urging residents to lock up their property after several arrests have been made for property related crimes, specifically thefts from vehicles and stolen cars.

Kingsville OPP arrested three young offenders on Monday after rummaging through vehicles in the Golfview Drive subdivision in Kingsville.

Last week, a Leamington man was arrested and charged with 23 separate offences for property related thefts.

“We rely on the citizens of Essex County to secure their property and notify us if they see anything suspicious,” says Essex County OPP Detachment Commander Glenn Miller. “We will do everything in our power to protect you and your property, we are just asking for some assistance in doing so.”

In an effort to help property owners protect their items, police have some tips:

-Always roll up your vehicle’s windows, lock the door and pocket the key.

-If you have a garage, use it; lock the door and the vehicle

-Always park your vehicle in well-lit areas.

-Never leave valuable objects in plain view - if you must leave them in your car, keep them out of sight.

-Never leave your vehicle unattended while it is running.