Essex County OPP are reminding residents of the dangers of talking to strangers on the phone and the internet after numerous frauds have been reported in recent weeks.

Police are reminding residents of the following:

  • Do not give any personal information over the telephone or computer
  • Do not pay more than an agreed price when using online purchasing websites
  • Do not believe threats of arrest or lawsuit
  • Do not try it, buy it or reply to spam or banking requests
  • Do not sign a contract without an expert opinion
  • Do not carry documents you don't need daily i.e. SIN, passport, birth certificate

These are a few suggestions from OPP to help with fraud prevention:

  • Hang up if you don't know the caller personally
  • Use secure payment services
  • Use the operation "safe trade" parking spaces at OPP Detachments
  • Shred unneeded documents
  • Only carry documents needed i.e. driver licence, bank card, credit card
  • Install anti-virus, firewall and updated security software packages on your computer
  • Warn your friends and family to be wary of any caller that wants them to divulge confidential personal or financial information, especially to send money or buy gift cards.


OPP are asking everyone to help prevent this crime as often victims are directed to a specific location to make a purchase. Call 1-888-310-1122 if you witness suspicious activity or you are concerned that someone maybe a victim of fraud if a transaction is completed.